Be Gentle With Yourself
Be Gentle With Yourself
Macon York Press

Be Gentle With Yourself

This print is letterpress wall art, handmade on a Vandercook printing press. This is a handmade original print. It features an excerpt from the poem “Desiderata” by Max Ehrman. The text is hand lettering. Art is hand drawn. 

This print has a tactile texture from the letterpress impression on cotton paper. It is suitable for framing and makes great wall art. Fits any standard 12"x18" frame. 

The Cotton Blossom Press home studio is located in the mountains of Western North Carolina. This print was inspired by the joy of living in Appalachia and appreciation of all the life that flourishes here. 

PRINT: Letterpress Printed

PAPER: White cotton

PAPER SIZE: 18” x 12” | 46cm x 30cm

EDITION SIZE: Unsigned and unnumbered open edition

Printed by hand using original artwork and traditional printmaking techniques in Hendersonville, NC

Owing to the traditional handcrafted printmaking processes used, each print is unique and will exhibit some subtle variations.

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