Casey Engel

Casey Engel is an interdisciplinary artist living in Asheville, NC. She is a Certified Professional Picture Framer of America (PPFA), an active member of the Asheville Printmakers, a volunteer at Starfangled Press, and is the Outreach Coordinator, a Consultant, and Framer at Blue Spiral 1 gallery. She is making art in all forms at her home studio and at Starfangled Press.


“I am continuously captivated by familiar and unfamiliar structures, objects, and shadows. From these interpretations comes the process of abstracting, disguising, and editing out the amount of recognizable representational information. I am interested in manipulating opposing themes in a composition, such as balance, levels of transparency, distribution of tension, and the elegance of a line contrary to one that is wavering and unsure. Although seemingly mundane to the typical passerby, these tiny moments ultimately become the focal point of my pieces.”

- Casey Engel -