Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants
Ratbee Press

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants can be hard to keep alive - this letterpress art print will never die from lack of watering! Featuring a Ratbee Press original illustration of aloe, philodendron, cactus, this print gives any room a chic jungle feel. Fulfill your inner bohemian. Simple black and white art, that you can even color yourself. A nice deep impression on the paper gives the print a crisp sculptural look. 

PRINT: Letterpress

PAPER: French Paper Co. White

PAPER SIZE: 10” x 8” | 25cm x 20cm

EDITION SIZE: Unsigned and unnumbered open edition

Printed by hand using original artwork and traditional printmaking techniques in Asheville, NC

Owing to the traditional handcrafted printmaking processes used, each print is unique and will exhibit some subtle variations.

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