FOUND FICTIONS | Susanna Crum and Rodolfo Salgado

Found Fictions

Susanna Crum and Rodolfo Salgado

9 March 2020 - 20 May 2020

RECEPTION Friday, 27 March 2020, 5 - 8 pm



Susanna Crum and Rodolfo Salgado live in Louisville, KY, where they run Calliope Arts Printmaking Studio & Gallery, which provides facilities and resources for artists to work in lithography, relief, intaglio, and screenprint. Susanna received her MFA from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, and BFA from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Susanna’s work has been featured in exhibitions at venues such as Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA; Museu do Douro, Portugal; Lessedra Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston, TX; and Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. Rodolfo received an MFA in Printmaking with a minor in Ceramics at the University of Iowa, and a BFA in Printmaking from California State University, Chico. His work has been featured at venues such as the Sheherazade Gallery, Louisville, KY; Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA; New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, New Harmony, IN; and the Janet Turner Print Museum, Chico, CA. Susanna and Rodolfo attend residencies and give presentations in the US and abroad, including a recent residency at Kunstnarhuset Messen, Alvik, Norway funded by an artist professional travel grant from the Great Meadows Foundation; Mildred’s Lane, Beach Lake, PA; Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA; and Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Artist Statement 

For centuries, prints have been a means to illustrate, define, and share knowledge, scientific findings, and ideologies. Maps and printed materials like banknotes, posters, and advertisements provide material evidence of the ways social frameworks and cultural norms are promoted and maintained. Rodolfo Salgado uses print processes like intaglio and lithography to explore the ways we work to better understand and control our bodies. Combining the visual language of antique anatomical illustrations with found objects, he reinvents bodily mechanisms as combinations of plumbing, medicine, and industry. Through print processes like lithography, screenprinting, and cyanotype, Susanna Crum creates multilayered images that utilize the visual language and social authority of globes, maps, and schematic drawings to facilitate conversations about the ways yesterday’s printed materials influence today's relationships to place. Both artists use research and printmaking processes as tools to explore print’s continuing authority and power in an increasingly screen-based world, and identify unexpected intersections between contemporary and historical text and imagery.

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