Freda Sue

23 June 2017 - 24 July 2017

OPENING RECEPTION Friday, 23 June 2017, 5 - 8 pm 

Artist Bio

Freda Sue earned an MFA degree in printmaking from the SCAD Atlanta. She currently lives in Greenville, SC and teaches drawing and printmaking at USC Upstate. Freda Sue has recently and concurrently showing works across the U.S. and Asia, including; Kai Lin Art, Atlanta GA; Jan Kossen Contemporary Art Gallery, New York, NY; National Tainan Living Art Center, Tainan, Taiwan…etc. Freda Sue is a member of an SC Upstate based organization Contemporary Print Collective, Southern Graphic Council International and Taiwan Society of Printmaking.


Artist Statement

My work is a series of reflections on human relationship and its environmental impact through time and space. Inspired by the ancient Eastern culture, such as artifacts or literature, I am interested in refreshing the form from the past and giving new conceptual and visual content through personal experiences. Woodcut is the primary technique in my works. My physical body engages consistently with my creating process. The repeated motion of carving and constructing shows the devoted action of living in the moment, transforming my physical energy into a poetic celebration of awareness in the living of self. Through my work, I create dialogues with audiences emphasizing the importance of personally engaging with their own surroundings and acknowledging how loss becomes a reminder to experience authentic life.

The Rabbit is a timid animal that I often use to symbolize myself; a creature that is sensitive and constantly alert to the surroundings. I am attracted to origami for its simplicity; by choosing origami to depict the form of the rabbit, I hope to minimize the rabbit and expose its vulnerability. In my current series “Transition”, I placed each rabbit into a mysterious and somewhat confusing space. As I walk through the transitional stage in life, it’s hard not to fidget or even panic, sitting in the passenger seat watching the story unfold as prepared. I constantly sense the tension while I wait. Through time, I am learning that my strength to endure changes does not come from the environment. It comes from the faith that grows throughout these changes.



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