Sam Moody 

27 October 2017 - 20 November 2017

OPENING RECEPTION Friday, 27 October 2017, 5 - 8 pm


Sam Moody is a printmaker living and working in Asheville, North Carolina. She obtained her BFA from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in the spring of 2014. Moody works primarily with block printing, but has recently begun dabbling with the art of Letterpress!

Show Statment

In this series of relief prints, images are carved into medium density fiberboard and printed on paper to create illustrations of modern interpretations of dinosaurs. Each print is a rendition of a specific dinosaur (or descendant of dinosaurs!) that has been chosen from my childhood toys and depicted in a portrait like manner. The exhibition as a whole maintains a strong element of imagination through the use of patterns and the importance of detail. 

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