RISOGRAPH: Ceci n’est pas un copier. | Woolly Press

Risograph: Ceci n’est pas un copier. 

Woolly Press

24 May 2019 - 24 June 2019

OPENING RECEPTION Friday, 24 May 2019, 5 - 8 pm


Show Statement 

This exhibition showcases the prints and publications of Woolly Press a Risograph (RISO) design and print shop located just down the road in Asheville, North Carolina. Risography is a stencil duplication process, with an aesthetic similar to silk-screening. This printing technology found its place in the copy rooms of the late 90’s corporate environment. Churches, law firms, and other small to medium organizations used the RISO as a method to produce large inexpensive runs of one to two color editions. Over the years the Risograph slowly disappeared from this landscape and was replaced with the influx of photocopiers, laser printers, and other modern techniques. Although the RISO still continues to be developed and used in many of these institutions, the older discarded machines have found a new market in the design studios, art departments, and DIY-house basements of makers looking for an attractive, unique, and affordable option for their printed matter.


Established in 2013 by Mica Mead and Colin Sutherland, Woolly Press is a small publisher and print shop based in Asheville, NC specializing in publications, chapbooks, comics, and artist prints. Woolly Press prints on Risograph RP 3700 and a RP 3105 digital duplicator.


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