What is Printmaking?

What Is Printmaking?

Prints From The Collection of Starfangled Press

12 March 2016 - 18 April 2016


Featuring original prints from over 40 international printmakers this exhibit showcases the unique qualities and infinite options for working within each of the four methods of traditional printmaking.

What is Printmaking? Printmaking is the process of making original art by printing, or transferring ink from one surface to another. Before inkjet and other new ways of printing were invented for use with computers, everything was printed in one of only four basic ways: relief, intaglio, stencil, and planographic.  

Starfangled Press features original prints created using printmaking techniques such as etching, woodcut, monotype, and screen print.  Unlike a reproduction, an original print is created by an artist as an original artwork in its own right. Here the term “print” doesn’t mean it’s a “reproduction”.  We tend to equate the two words in the non-art world, but in the visual art sphere, they mean very different things.  All original prints and printed objects at Starfangled Press are printed by hand from a plate, block, or screen on which the artist has directly worked.

Visit us today to learn more and see how printmakers from around the world continue to expand the discipline of Printmaking by creating original prints that combine traditional, or even ancient, printmaking methods with the latest contemporary technologies.

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